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Here’s the truth..

If You Use Banter And Humor Effectively, You Can Attract Almost Any Girl, Without Any Challenge - Even When You’re Not Her Ideal Type Physically! 

8 Facts That Prove How Bantering And Being Witty Attracts Women

  Fact #1 - 3X Possibility of Landing a Date

According to multiple studies, using humor and banter in a conversation is one of the most seductive things a man can do - and it TRIPLES his chances of landing dates with women!

Fact #2 - Makes Them Overlook Other Stuff

Showing a great sense of humor and quick wit can literally force a woman… even the super picky ones… to overlook other aspects of a man... like physical appearance, financial status, and even a less-than-polite attitude.

(That’s why you’ll see many average-looking, barely-earning, straight-up “jerks” fool around with model-like girls).

Fact #3 - Makes Them Respond To Texts

90% of men don’t get dates with hot women on dating apps or social media because they fail to engage the girls in a proper conversation.
Bantering can permanently erase this problem since ALL girls are irresistibly drawn to fun, playful interactions (as in interactions which involve humor and “verbal witticism”).

Fact #4 - Conveys High Value & Non-Neediness

Bantering involves teasing women in a non-hurtful way.

This type of teasing (which most guys can’t do) shows a girl that you’re not needy… you’re not intimidated by her looks like 99% of other guys… and you’re a truly confident, high-value man who’s 100% worthy of being her lover.

 Fact #5 - Builds Trust, Connection & Comfort Instantly

  Bantering and using humor instantly triggers a sense of trust, connection and comfort when talking to a woman. This makes her 10X more likely to give you her number, go on a date, and have sex with you.

Fact #6 - Makes You The Prize In Her Eyes

Since bantering is an ability ONLY men who are popular with girls possess - if you show a girl that you can banter with her, she naturally assumes that lots of other girls must like you. This makes you a prize in her eyes... which she must FIGHT for to acquire.

 Fact #7 - Shows The 3 Qualities Girls Lust After

Bantering demonstrates high-confidence, social intelligence and a carefree attitude. These are 3 things which compel women to literally LUST after a man… EVEN IF he’s not her ideal type physically.

Fact #8 - Makes You A Conversation Wizard

Simply knowing how to be witty and playful eliminates the possibility of “running out of things to say”. Once you know the secrets of banter and verbal witticism, you’ll be able to talk to people for hours, while completely captivating their attention.

(In simple words: you’ll be that cool kid in high school who used to have groups of people sitting around him… hanging on his every word, laughing at his jokes and just looking at him like he’s some rockstar).

This Guide Gives You a Powerful Girl-Attracting WEAPON!  

Look: this guide was made for guys who weren’t blessed with model-like looks, or millions of dollars in their bank account, or celebrity status.

This guide is for the average man who wants to date and sleep with drop-dead gorgeous women... week after week... month after month... until he gets bored or chooses to settle for that one special girl.

The strategies and secrets unveiled inside the Banter Guide literally erases the need for good looks, money or status… and gives you a 10x stronger “weapon” to...

..attract girls like a
super-charged, sex-magnet!

What this guide will force-feed into your brain will take your “game” with girls to AT LEAST a 9/10… literally overnight…

...EVEN IF you’re stuck at a 1 right now.

Trust me, that’s not a prediction. That’s a spoiler ; )

The ONLY way this guide will fail to help you is if you set it aside... and never actually use it. (And I don’t think that’s your intention, is it?)

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Discover

Inside The Banter Guide: 

  • The 3 Ridiculously-Easy Steps To Sharpen Your Wit Overnight!

    3 EASY STEPS. That’s all it takes to have a sharper wit. One… two… three and you’re done. Just follow these steps and you’ll possess that magical ability to “think on your feet”... and come up with fun things to say anytime you want.

    (It’s the same ability you see in fictional characters like James Bond, Hank Moody, Don Draper, Tony Stark etc).

  • How to Come Up With “Smooth” Conversation Openers On The Fly!

    NO More worrying about how to start conversations. NO More looking up pick-up lines on the internet. NO More letting beautiful girls pass by because you “didn’t know what to say”.

    With the simple tactics you’ll find inside the Banter Guide, you’ll turn your brain into a “manufacturing unit” for smooth, witty, clever conversation starters… for any situation.

    You’ll come up with cool openers faster than Google comes up with search results. Just try it.

  • How to Make Anything Sound Funny And Engaging - Even The Most Mundane Stuff!

    What IF you could make the story about your daily drive to the office... or the story about that time you had soup with your grandma… sound super fun and engaging?

    What IF you could use seemingly dull stuff like that to make girls laugh, pay attention and get attracted to you?

    Take advantage of the body language secrets and tonality techniques revealed inside the Guide, and you can do just that. It sounds absurd, but it’s true. You’ll see.
  • ​The 2 Wickedly-Effective Formulas To Think Up Witty Things To Say… In Any Given Situation!

    Want the sense of humor and wit of a veteran comedian... or seasoned talk show host… but without the years and years of practice?

    Steal the “O-C-S” and “O-C-O-S” formulas revealed inside the Guide, and you’ll turn into the funniest guy she’s ever met.

    Just plug n’ play these proven formulas and bam! You’ll come up with amazing jokes, witty comments and engaging banter cycles… with almost no conscious effort… just like the top comedians and TV show hosts.

    You’ll start seeing results the moment you apply the formulas. Believe me. 

  • How to Come Up With Witty Comebacks To Literally Any Insult or Tease... Without Breaking A Sweat!

    You’ll love this. Two simple frameworks for turning your brain into a well-oiled, comeback machine.

    Use these two frameworks and you’ll be able to handle any insult or tease with a lightning fast comeback.

    This will be especially helpful during those times us girls test your confidence by poking fun, challenging or playfully insulting you.

    You’ll be able to respond quickly... and in a way which instantly amplifies our attraction towards you.

    PLUS: in those moments when someone’s really getting on your nerve... maybe a guy trying to hit on the girl you
    like... you can use these frameworks to launch a “verbal killshot” and destroy that person. It’s quite powerful.
  • ​How to Banter And Make Her Laugh Over Text

    This is HUGEEE! Most guys fail to get a girl to respond to their texts or engage with them because they make conversations too boring and serious.

    That antidote? Make conversations fun and playful. Include banter.

    Inside the guide, not only will you find step-by-step instructions for doing just that...

    ...but you’ll also find real life chats… tricks to make her laugh easily… and field-tested secrets of building comfort and chemistry over text.

    No more being ignored or left on read. 
  • ​How to Be Sarcastic, Without Being A Jerk

    Sarcasm can make you seem super cool, or it can make you the biggest jerk she’s ever met. It depends on how you use it.

    Inside the Banter Guide, you’ll see exactly how to use sarcasm to its highest effect, without seeming like an insensitive jerk.

    Most guys get this wrong. But you won’t when you have the Guide by your side. 
  • ​What To Do When You Brain “Freezes” During A Conversation

    Never run out of things to say… ever again! Never be tongue-tied ever again! Even if you’re talking to the most beautiful girl on the planet.

    With the instantly-effective frameworks and formulas you’ll find inside the Banter Guide, you’ll program your mind to talk to anyone, anytime, anyplace… without ever freezing up.

    Just imagine possessing that power to talk to anyone so easily. How do you think it’ll affect your dating life… as well as your professional life?

The Banter Guide Also Includes a Free Bonus:

The Conversation Sniper

The Conversation Sniper was written by world renowned dating expert Mark Sing, and it includes 101 witty lines to breath life into dying conversations. 

  • ​Challenging Set-ups: You: “Do you like to travel?” Her: “Yes” You: “Then travel over there.” (as you playfully push her away)
  • Playful Questions: “Your friend tells me you’re in school to become an ice cream man. How’s that going for you?”
  • ​Statements to Build Intrigue: “You do this one thing that’s soooo cute. But I don’t want to tell you what it is cuz then you’ll stop doing it.”
  • ​Teasing One Liners: “You and my grandma should totally go pick up guys together.”
  • Future Pacing Questions: “If you were in kissing school what grade would you get?”
  • ​Frame Control Reversals: Her: “Why are you wearing XYZ?” You: “I know you’re trying to get me undressed right now, sweetie. But this isn’t the time or place for that. Relax.”
  • ​Conversation Savers: “Alright, I’m going to show you a picture of my dog/cat/bird. Just to warn you though, this picture is so cute rainbows are going to shoot out of your a** when you see it.”
  • ​Fresh Things to Talk About: "If you could have a billboard on the side of the freeway, what would it say on it?"

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I’m Taking ALL The Risk Myself!

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Kristen Carney, the creator of this guide and my podcast’s co-host, is one of the most sought-after, highly-respected, and outrageously-paid dating coaches in the world. . And rightfully so.
She has taken THOUSANDS of guys who used to be dull, shy and boring... and turned them into…. 

...masters at attracting women
using witticism, humor and banter skills. 

Guys literally have to be on waiting lists to get in touch with her.

She’s so fantastic at turning guys into masters of wit and humor because...

...she herself is a top-notch comic who has performed at several big-name venues and shows.
PLUS: due to her amazing ability to turn normal guys into charismatic rockstars… almost overnight…

...she’s able to command super-high feeswithout a shadow of resistance from her clients.

She usually charges around $3000 for monthly coaching sessions… where she shows men how to attract women using witty banter and humor.
And for a one-time, 30-minute, “mock session” with her… the type of session most coaches do for free… she charges close to $200.

Now Here’s The Deal...

I wanted my audience to get access to the information she has to offer because it’s life-changing... but...

...I know her super-high fees isn’t something every guy can afford.

My vision was to get her best strategies and secrets in the hands of as many members of my audience as possible.


Because of One Important Reason: 

You see, I’ve noticed that most guys who seek help from me…

...strongly feel that they can’t attract those ultra-hot, 9s and 10s... .

..because of their looks, financial status, height, status etc.

And instead of taking hours to convince them of the truth that we women don’t really care about all that superficial nonsense…

...I thought it’s best to just give them the ONE SUPERPOWER which...

...forces girls to overlook all other
aspects of a man’s character! 

The superpower of talking to girls and sparking intense, primal attraction, in seconds…

...using banter and humor.
And that’s why, I convinced Kristen to put her top tips, techniques and strategies inside the Banter Guide, and...

...instead of charging thousands
or even hundreds of dollars for it…

...give it away for $47 ONLY!
This wasn’t an easy negotiation of course. I mean, in a way it’s kind of unfair that her clients have to pay outrageous fees, but you get it DIRT-CHEAP.

She was obviously skeptical at first, but we structured a good deal for her, and she was finally on board.

The Banter Guide contains Kristen's BEST strategies and secrets of seducing women…

...the stuff her clients typically pay
top dollar for!

Only because you have your wing girl on your side, you don’t even have to pay a fraction of what those other guys pay.

You can get access to all Kristen’s best tips, tricks and tactics for just $47 through this Banter Guide.

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This is what you call a real “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity.

Just one easy payment of $47… 

… and you can STOP worrying about your looks, money, status, etc…

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Here’s What Other Men Are Saying About The Banter Guide

Thank you I learned a lot from all of you and your other wing girls!! I was Married 12 years and was out of that scene for along time, Now I am Divorced and found it tough to talk to women. To tell you the truth I was very insecure to approach women. Well thanks to you I have been with women 10 and 11 years younger. I got my confidence back and just wanted to say thank you!!

The banter guide has totally opened me up, I used to be very closed up but since reading the banter guide it's broken me out of my shell and made me less fearful of "roughing her feathers" so to speak.

You have great advice for blue pill guys. I think you are the best chance of holding a guys hand and walking him into the reality of dating and attraction. Also, I appreciate your business pitch, it’s straight up and refreshing, no sneaky small print. I’m just trying to say I respect you and what you’re doing.

Marni, you're a LIFECHANGER! Btw, Marni, you changed my life. Thank you. Now I'm going to run for president and fix a lot of things in this country. I truly have you to thank, in large portion, for the ability to realize my potential. My girlfriend, now of about two years, thanks you too although she's a little jealous. ;) r

I truly believe that the banter guide is a must have if you’re looking to buy any of Marni’s products. I would place it in top three of importance along side “How to Become A Man Women Want” and “F Formula”. I’ve only been using it a couple weeks and I’m already seeing results.

Hi Marni, Thank you for helping me out with your Wing Girl Method program!!! I hope the girl I want (and know for 19 months) gets a better me!!! I'm sure she wants me in the long run!!! Thank you again, your help is very valueable!!! No questions, just a thank you!

 "Kristen has helped me to realize how important banter is in communicating with women. From sending that first message or text, to keeping the conversation going and getting the date, banter is key, and Kristen will help you get it right!”

Allot of this info in the guide has always been, somewhat, intuitive but Kristen put it into words simple to read and understand, it gives cool tricks like POWS that help you recall important elements to mind quickly, its not so much information that it seems overwhelming(sweet and too the point)

I don't typically take time to review products EVER, but this helped me more than I can put into words. Helped me get unstuck and moving forward again. I really appreciate it Marni and Kristen

Aeron R. TX (28)
After a week with the material, I applied it and am now seeing a 21 yo goddess… it works

Ben, CO (44)

Let’s Face It: You Have 2 Possible Choices Now

Choice #1

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fail over and over again…

let the gorgeous girls go to other guys …

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Choice #2

You could take advantage of the banter guide...
stop worrying about all the superficial crap...

start getting girls lusting after you for the first time in your life…

and FINALLY have the dating experience you’ve always wanted!
The ball’s in your courts.

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Q: I have my eyes on a specific woman right now. Will this help me get her?

A: The Banter Guide was specifically designed for men who want to learn how to get women attracted to them.

Q: How do I access the content once I purchase the course?

 A: As soon as your purchase is complete you’ll be redirected to our download page where you can get your copy of both The Banter Guide and The Conversation Sniper.

Q: I have my eyes on a specific woman right now. Will this help me get her? 

 A: Definitely. If I had to guess, I’d say you’re in the friend zone with this girl and you want to take things to the next level. If that’s the case, the first step is to change the way she sees you. And the most effective way to do that is to get good with women in general. Bantering immediately raises your stock in the eyes of all women because it’s the single most effective way to make yourself more universally attractive. Once you get good with women in general, she will likely start to get attracted to you herself.

Q: Is this course for beginners or advanced users?

 A: The Banter Guide will work for you if you’re a beginner or pro. Even expert pick-up artists tell us this program is choke full of content that dramatically improved their bantering skills with women.

Q: How long will it take before I start landing girls?

 A: That depends on you, but we’ve seen students get amazing results in just a matter of days. With the frameworks and homework we provide, most guys see a marked difference in their bantering skills within days of taking the program.

Q: Do you have any proof that this stuff works?

 A: OF COURSE! Check out the testimonials we included in the sections above. Bantering with women is absolutely essential to build attraction. So it’s no wonder that this has been one of the most positively received products we’ve ever created.

Q: What is your returns policy?

 A: If you’re not happy with the program just let us know. You've 2 years to try it out. In that period, if you don't get results you're satisfied with, you can get a full refund. That way, there's absolutely no risk on your part. Either you're 100% satisfied, or you don't spend a dime

Q: Do you have any proof that this stuff works?

 A: You can get started right now. Just click the “Instant Access” button below and within seconds you’ll be on your way to bantering mastery.
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